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Industrialising Functional Printing

True to this motto GT+W wants to affect the market and support you with the most innovative presses and measuring equipment available.
» Vision

We are a spin-off of the IDD at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the leading-edge cluster Forum Organic Electronics Heidelberg. We are located in Darmstadt, the centre of German printing expertise.
» We are GT+W

Our lab rotogravure printing press Superproofer 220 combines high printing speed, compact design and precise positioned printing. Products successfully printed on this press are OLEDs, OFETS and stack actuators.
» Superproofer 220

Newest member of our product family is the Superspectra 3, a large area thickness measurement system, which uses the highly precise and non-destructive measurement principle reflectrometry. It combines our core values: Fast Results, High Precision, Good Economy and Easy Upscaling.
» Superspectra 3

Your benefits are our longstanding expertise in developing special-purpose printing equipment and planning printing labs as well as printing processes.