Superproofer 220

Research printing press

The Superproofer 220 is a printing system for precisely positioned printing on single sheet substrates, that can be flexible (foils) as well as brittle (glass and silicon).


Printing techniques are flexographic and rotogravure printing. It combines high printing speed and high printing quality with state of the art printing forms. Important features are the low fluid consumption and the small substrate format. The Superproofer 220 is operated via a touch screen and a simple two step control system.

The Superproofer 220 can be customized to your requirements. Please contact us to see what configuration and equipment suits you best.

HOUSING Easy to clean: solvent resistant stainless steel body Elaborate: large integrated drip pan FRAME Solid: stiff massive design Versatile: threaded holes pattern for your devices ANILOX Economical: low fluid consumption less than 3 ml per print Precise: adjust roller engagement by 5 µm steps Easy mounting: for each application a fitting anilox-roller PRINTING FORM CYLINDER Economical: sleeve system for easy printing form exchange Versatile: state of the art engraving (mechanical and laser process) DRYING Fully integrated with UV exposure or hot air Easy: Integrated into your workflow Versatile: easy to switch DOCTORING DEVICE Economical: low fluid consumption less than 1.5 ml per print Parameters: doctoring angle between 30° and 90°, doctoring force between 0.5 N/mm and 1.8 N/mm SUBSTRATE CARRIER Versatile: carriers for foils, glass and wafers Precise motion: dedicated linear motor, linear guiding with integrated measuring system Precise substrate positioning: device for substrate alignmnet Fast printing speed: range from 1 m/s to 5 m/s IMPRESSION CYLINDER Precise motion: driven by dedicated servo motor Precise impression force: range from 4 N/mm to 16 N/mm, driven by pneumatic cylinder SAFETY SCREEN Operator safety: screen covers moving parts during the printing process Easy access: swings up, opens wide
Fast results

Fast results

Fast results

High printing speed
Easy operation
One sleeve four printing forms

Fast results
High Precision

High Precision

High Precision

Precise multi-layer alignment
Highly reproducible parameters
Excellent print quality

High Precision
Good economy

Good economy

Good economy

Small fluid consumption
Small substrate consumption
Sleeve system

Good economy
Easy Upscaling

Easy Upscaling

Easy Upscaling

Big parameter space
Large cylinder diameter
Well defined parameters

Easy Upscaling
gt+w cross


  • Compact size
  • Easy to operate
  • Low fluid consumption
  • Small substrate format
  • High printing speed
  • Printing on glass and silicon substrates
  • Sleeve technology for printing forms
  • State of the art engraving technologies for printing forms
  • Designed for scientific labs
  • Excellent alignment

Printing Techniques

  • Gravure

  • Gravure offset

  • Flexographic


Technical Data

Printing format / working area

15 cm x 15 cm

Printing speed

1 m/s to 5 m/s

Impression force

4 N/mm to 16 N/mm

Doctoring force

0.5 N/mm to 1.8 N/mm

Doctor blade angle

30° to 90°


+/-10 μm

Fluid volume per print

1.5 ml

Printing form cylinder

Diameter 22 cm, width 20 cm


110 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm


450 kg


7 kVA

Air supply

8 bar dry clean air


Printing techniques: gravure, gravure offset, flexography

Substrate carriers: for flexible substrates, for brittle substrates, heatable, vacuum

Device for substrate positioning

Fluid dosing: manual, automatic, automatic and heatable

Substrate transport: substrate carrier, roll to roll

Heatable printing form cylinder

Moveable rack with workspace and compartment for the control cabinet

Drying, curing, sintering units


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